SCOUT'S HONOR $14 | Scotch, Pine simple syrup & Oak bitters. Garnished with a Toasted Marshmallow on a Birch Twig & smoked sea salt

THE ORACLE $15 | Rye - infused with Fig Leaves, Fig cordial, Vsop Brandy, Palo Santo bitters & Absinth. Garnished with a Chocolate dipped Fig sprinkled with herbs & sea salt

MOUNTAIN ROSE $13 | American Whiskey, Rose-Cacao simple syrup, Campari, Hibiscus Tea & Black bitters. Garnished with a dried Maple Leaf

THE SASQUATCH $14 | Aquavit - infused with Kabocha Squash (aka "Squashkavit"), Cynar, Pepita Orgeat & Coriander bitters. Garnished with Fennel & star anise

HERBARIAUM $13 | Gin - infused with Quince & Eucalyptus tea & housemade Autumnal Tonic (rosemary, sage, cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, licorice root, cinchona bark)

APPLE BLOSSOM $14 | Vodka, Lillet, Apple, Grape & Celery juice, Hard Apple Cider & Bayleaf bitter. Garnished with Green Grapes